Health Conditions that Benefit from Cannabis Treatments

People have been using marijuana for at least three millennia. Despite this, however, the FDA or Food and Drug Administration, for the most part, still hasn’t deemed cannabis safe or effective in treating the various medical conditions that exist. For this reason, Mcare Pharmacy, a reputable Compounding pharmacy in St. Petersburg, Florida, strongly advises that only those with a medical prescription from their doctor seek this form of treatment.

Up to this day, the tension continues between those who believe marijuana to be an effective treatment for an assortment of ailments and those who still think it poses a danger to society in general. Whatever side you’re on, you can’t argue with the results studies have proven over the years about marijuana and its amazing benefits. Listed below are just some of the few health conditions that could benefit from cannabis treatments.

  • Substance abuse

    It has been suggested that marijuana helps those who have become dependent on alcohol and opioids fight their addiction.

  • Depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder

    A thorough investigation of the use of marijuana has led researchers to believe that it helps alleviate symptoms of mental illness. Supporting evidence suggests that it may help treat depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as relieve symptoms of social anxiety.

  • Chronic pain

    Chronic pain affects millions of people in the United States alone. Research on medical marijuana use took a closer look at how it is able to help treat chronic pain. What was discovered was that cannabinoids, which are cannabis’ active ingredients, and other compounds are indeed effective in alleviating chronic pain.

  • Multiple sclerosis

    When used short-term, oral cannabinoids are actually able to improve spasticity symptoms among individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis. At best, however, the treatment’s positive effects are passable.

  • Cancer

    Cancer patients going through chemotherapy may find oral cannabinoids beneficial in relieving nausea and vomiting.

  • Epilepsy

    Epidiolex, a medicine containing CBD has been recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration as the treatment for two severe kinds of epilepsy that can barely be managed by other kinds of medication.

Our list barely covers half of the total number of ailments and conditions that could benefit from marijuana use. Plus, with research on cannabis being conducted on a regular basis, there’s no telling how huge of an impact it can have on society and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

If you’ve decided to take the medical marijuana route to health and wellness and are in search of quality CBD products in Pinellas Park, don’t hesitate to partner with Mcare Pharmacy today.

How has medical marijuana use benefited you, health-wise? Feel free to share your experiences and insights on the comment section.

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