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Knowing More About Controlled Substances

Knowing More About Controlled Substances

When purchasing pharmaceutical products in St. Petersburg, Florida, you will inevitably come across the term “controlled substance.” These are products whose distribution is strictly controlled by the Drug Enforcement Agency as mandated by the Controlled Substances Act.

There are two kinds of controlled substances. The first one is a medicine that has a high risk of being abused beyond its function for medication therapy management. This group includes Vicodin, which has been placed under the Schedule II list of controlled substances in 2014 because of the addictive nature of its active compound hydrocodone, a synthetic opioid.

The second group of controlled substances comprises illicit or illegal drugs. These are compounds that have no observed value in medicine. This means that they are not helpful drugs but are sold in the streets for their addictive effects. These drugs include methamphetamine, heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and methaqualone. Drugs under Schedules I and II have the highest potential for abuse or misuse. Below these schedules are Schedules III, IV, and V. They are the least likely to be abused as their effects are not known to cause dependence and addiction.

All prescription drugs are controlled drugs. Prescriptions are necessary to limit the use of these drugs to qualified situations that can be monitored by a healthcare professional. RX refill of some prescription drugs is even prohibited, depending on which schedule they’re placed under.

Schedule I drugs are exceptions— they are not sold in pharmacies.

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