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Proper Disposal of Expired or Unused Drugs

Proper Disposal of Expired or Unused Drugs

Expired or unused prescription drugs can be harmful not only to people but also to the environment when these are not disposed of properly.

There are different guidelines for proper drug disposal. Some drugs can be flushed down the toilet while others cannot be. You can refer to FDA’s flush list to know which ones you can flush down if a drug take-back option is not available. You can also get in touch with your local waste management authorities to learn more about drug take-back days and events in your area.

A compounding pharmacy in Pinellas Park may also be a drug collection site. You may also find on-site drop-off boxes or mail-back programs in other pharmacies, hospitals, or law enforcement facilities.

Through pharmacist consultations, you can also discover more in-home disposal methods and pharmaceutical solutions. Do not hesitate; pharmacists are always eager to provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

Also, when you avail of generic plans, it may be best to ask about proper drug disposal in advance. The more you know about your medications, the better.

Any provider of pharmaceutical products in St. Petersburg, Florida, like Mcare Pharmacy, will always be willing to be at your service and ready to help you as much as possible.

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