Tips That Promote a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips That Promote a Good Night's Sleep

Did you know, sleep deprivation could be one of the culprits why you’re weight loss regimen isn’t working. And weight gain is just one of the many ill effects brought about by your lack of sleep. That’s why the Mcare Pharmacy team, your Compounding pharmacy in St. Petersburg, Florida, could never stress enough how vital quality sleep at night is.

What Can Lack of Zzzs Do to Your Body?

Other than weight gain, lack of sleep brings about these adverse effects:

  • Weak Immune System – sleep deprivation hinders your body from building up its defenses making you more prone to catch bacterial and viral infections. Long-term lack of sleep puts you at risk of developing chronic health conditions like heart ailments and diabetes.
  • Unhealthy Mental and Emotional State – Not being able to get enough Zzzs makes you prone to mood swings, irritability and lowers your mental sharpness and cognition. Chronic insomnia could bring about depression, paranoia, and suicidal thinking.
  • Microsleep – A condition where you fall asleep for a few seconds without your awareness during the day putting you in harm’s way.

What Can Help Me Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

  • Exercise in the Morning – A study found out that exercising in the morning can actually help you get better sleep quality at night.

    Important Reminder: Aim for 30 minutes of workout daily. The researchers revealed that less than 3 hours of weekly workout time did little to solve their test subjects’ sleep problems compared to those who exercised for over 3 hours a week.

  • Make Your Room Sleep-Conducive – Always make it a point to keep your work and other activities away from your room. Make this area exclusive for sleeping.

    Important Reminder: Cool, dark rooms are the most ideal for sleeping. Certain fragrances like Lavender and Chamomile also promotes relaxation and sleep. Personally, we find the clean smell of cotton calming, too.

  • Take Natural Sleeping Aids – They help facilitate the production of melatonin, your sleep hormones without you worrying about side effects or drug dependence. Common natural sleep aids include melatonin, Valerian and Chamomile supplements.

    We hope these additional tips help you get that elusive good night’s rest you need. And when you need other pharmaceutical products and prescription refills, reach out to us through our online form and number or visit us directly.

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