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Tummy Exercises That Help Lose Weight

Losing weight is not only for beauty goals but also for healthy empowerment. Even if you can get pharmaceutical products for your overall health, people with chronic illnesses can still benefit a lot from losing weight so that they can recover or reduce the complications. Losing weight is a goal for people diagnosed with diabetes, heart ailments, and other chronic conditions.

As a Compounding pharmacy in St. Petersburg, Florida, we totally advocate for the overall health and wellness of our clients. Hence, we provide you access with medications, tools, and methods to help you reach your health goals, including losing weight.

While there are many programs and procedures to lose weight, we would like to share another way that is not only efficient but also easily achievable as these can be performed indoors and in your own privacy at home. In this post, we’ve looked up some exercises that can help reduce weight in the tummy area, which is one part of the body that can easily acquire weight.


    To do proper crunches, follow these steps:

    – Lie down with your back flat on the floor, your knees bent, and your feet also on the floor.

    – Put your hands either under your head or crossed over your chest.

    – Lift your head and shoulders a few inches from the floor while feeling the strength on your abdominal muscles. (Each lifting is called a crunch.)

    – Accomplish 25 crunches in three sets.

    Crunches can help increase the strength of your abdominal and waist muscles. However, this exercise needs proper supervision and movement so that your back can also be protected from any injury.


    To do sit-backs, follow these steps:

    – On the floor, sit properly with your legs bent.

    – Tuck your feet under fixed furniture for strong support.

    – Cross your arms over your chest while you tuck your chin to your chest.

    – Lean your back slowly until some tension develops at your abdominal muscles.

    – Hold your position achieved at step 4 for about three seconds.

    – Go back to the sitting position at step 1.

    – Repeat steps 1-6 25 times and increase the duration according to your preference.

    Sit-backs are ideal for individuals who are working on increasing their abdominal muscles. It’s still important that before performing the exercise, your doctor should give you the green signal first.

What do you think about these exercises? Are they easily doable or not? If you’re not ready to perform any strenuous activity, do consult with your primary physician. Also, exercise with a buddy so that someone can assist you whenever you need it.

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