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How to Safely Manage Your Medications

How to Safely Manage Your Medications

Your medications are crucial in helping you achieve optimal health and recovery. Taking them as prescribed by your doctor helps treat temporary illnesses and manage certain chronic conditions.

However, there are times that some of us are forgetting to take our medications, especially senior loved ones and individuals with limited mental capacity. You should always take your medications consistently, on time, and with the correct dosage to avoid negative side effects and other complications.

Here are some tips on safe medication management to help you in administering your medications:

  • Do not self-medicate.

    Do not take your medications as you please. It is vital to take them as prescribed by your doctor because they know about your medicines and health condition more than you do.

  • Get into a daily routine.

    Take your medications along with a daily routine to help remind you of your medications.

  • Consult with your trusted pharmacist.

    If you have important questions about your medications, talk to your pharmacist. Pharmacists can give you more knowledge about your medications, including their side effects and interactions with other drugs.

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