What Foods Increase Your Testosterone Level?


Men depend on their testosterone hormones not only for a satisfying drive for physical intimacy, but also for strengthening their bones, muscles, hair growth, and production of sperm cells. However, a man’s testosterone level can decrease due to many factors, which include aging and chronic illnesses. After consulting with your doctor, you may be recommended with pharmaceutical products to help increase your testosterone. However, do you know that there are foods that help raise your T?

We’ve looked up these foods for you and we hope that this can empower you in your quest towards better health:

  • Milk (preferably low in fat)

    Due to their abundance in vitamin D, milk is an effective nutrient for bone-building. Low-fat milk is encouraged for older adults who need to keep watch of their weight for health reasons also. However, vitamin D is not only for bone-building. It is also effective in increasing a man’s testosterone level.

  • Cereals Fortified with Vitamin D

    When you’re out shopping for cereals, look for those fortified with Vitamin D. Again, this essential vitamin is very effective not just for strengthening a person’s bones, but also for increasing a man’s testosterone level. These cereals are also effective in strengthening a person’s heart health.

  • Beans

    To help increase or strengthen a man’s hormone, beans are also beneficial in achieving this health goal. In particular, white, kidney, and black beans contain rich components of vitamin D, as well as zinc, which can increase the production of a man’s T supply.

  • Tuna

    You must have heard that tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are efficient in flushing out toxins from brain cells. That’s correct. However, it’s not the only item that tunas are good at. These fishes are also rich in Vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient to increase testosterone level. Tunas are also rich in protein. A quick note though: eat in moderation if you’re not a tuna fan.

  • Oysters

    Another kind of seafood that can help increase testosterone level is oysters due to their rich content of zinc. Not only can oysters help increase a man’s T level, but it can also supplement those individuals who are going through zinc deficiency.

Overall, you might notice that the common nutrients in these food items are vitamin D and zinc. These are nutrients that have been observed to provide not only their respective benefits to a person but also help increase a man’s T level. On a medical side, pharmacists in our Compounding pharmacy in St. Petersburg, Florida can also assist you in creating medications that help increase your testosterone hormones. After consulting with your doctor and receiving your prescriptions, you can also discuss with our licensed pharmacists about these meds.

At Mcare Pharmacy, we partner with you in attaining your health goals. Aside from our usual supplies of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Ask us if you have inquiries.

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